How Vigrx Plus compares with Other Pills

Vigrx Plus

It would be silly to say that VigRX is the only male performance pill on the market. The reality is that there are almost innumerable such products on the market. However,  not all of these are the same. In fact, it is quite rare to find a product on such a level like VigRX. In this article, we will be giving you some objective info that will hopefully help you realize why VigRX is the superior male performance booster on the market right now.

What Makes Vigrx Better

VigRX is one of the very few, if not the only, such product that has been subjected to a clinical study for extended periods of time. The results of which were made publicly available. This study has proven that VigRX is extremely effective in providing men with enhancements to their performance. This includes the quality of erections, rise in libido, better orgasms and better overall satisfaction with intercourse.

Also, we have to mention the formula itself. It was developed by leading experts in the field and it’s constantly updated. For instance, Bioperine, a brand new development that increases bio-availability of other ingredients in natural products has found its way into the new VigRX formula.

It should also be mentioned that VigRX pills contain nothing but the ingredients that are listed. This may seem like a moot point. However, the fact is that most companies pack their pills full of fillers that have absolutely no benefits. On the other hand, VigRX contains nothing but beneficial ingredients of the highest quality. 

How VigRX can improve your sex life

Everything revolves around sex, from pop videos to TV shows to movies. We live in an oversexed world and such a world also expects that everyone has the sex life worthy of Casanova. The only problem is that for an average guy, this is just too much. The expectation of performances on par with porn stars is something that can be quite detrimental for a man’s sex life but there is good news. And the good news is that VigRX can do wonders for your sex life. It can make it as wild and as pleasurable as humanly possible.

For instance, if you are having troubles with your libido and you are not feeling up for sex too often, VigRX can put an end to this. It is well-known as one of the best libido-boosters out there and you will soon find yourself in a situation where you cannot stop thinking about sex.

In order to build upon that, VigRX has also been packed full of ingredients that are going to help you perform much better and much more often than before starting your regimen. It is beneficial for the blood pressure and the overall stamina, while sexual stamina is improved to incredible levels.

VigRX can also have a stupendous effect on the quality of erections. For instance, the erections become much harder as the blood vessels become dilated. Also, this allows you to maintain an erection for as long as you need it.  In addition to this, you can expect your orgasms to become more powerful. And you will have better control over the ejaculations and your orgasms. Learn more at

All of this will make your sex life so much better than you will not be able to believe it.

Natural Solution

The developers of Vigrx plus knew there had to be a better alternative, something natural that would assist men suffering from erectile dysfunction without leaving them at risk for side effects. With all of this in mind, formulators began searching, testing and compiling natural ingredients to include in the Vigrx plus formula. That was nearly a decade ago and today they have created an alternative that professionals are advocating on popular daytime talk shows. Vigrx plus results are definitely better than the alternatives. Learn about Vigrx Plus results.


Scientists looked at potential natural ingredients from across the globe. Traditional herbal medicine from China, South America and Europe were examined for their potential. Researchers found that by combining a proprietary mixture of herbs they were able to create an ED treatment that resulted in increased sexual pleasure, larger erection size and increased power. Ingredients include:

  • Damiana- aphrodisiac
  • Puncture Vine- European remedy
  • Epimedium leaf extract-stimulant
  • Ginkgo Leaf-well known herbal treatment results in better circulation, mental alertness and blood vessel health
  • Asian red ginseng- rejuvenator, and stimulant
  • Saw Palmetto Berry- strengthens the body, balances hormones and is considered an effective treatment for enlarged prostate
  • Hawthorn Berry- vasodilator that results in better blood flow and lowers blood pressure
  • Catuaba Bark extract- Brazilian aphrodisiac
  • Muira Pauma Bark Extract – enhances physical and psychological aspects of sexual activity


As I went to college, I became somewhat more secure, but whenever sex was involved, I lacked that raw masculine determination and those animal instincts that are attractive to girls and that make them weak at their knees. Somehow, I always felt that air of disappointment after sex and it really began to bug me after some time. I had no particular performance problems. It was more of a need for making it all a bit better on my behalf.

And then, about two or three years ago, I discovered that there are natural pills that can help with this. I gave a few of them a try and was majorly disappointed. In fact, VigRX was the last one I was to try before I give it all up. And it turned out that it was the one I should have gone in the first place. From the very moment I visited their website, it was all much more reassuring than with other similar products. They had the results of clinical studies, a plethora of medical endorsements and much more.


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