The Nature of Multiple Orgasms

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Let’s look at the nature of Multiple Orgasm and how this goes way beyond your everyday garden variety orgasm. I want to give you an idea of what it actually looks and feels like to have this experience without all the hype and Hoo-Ha. Considering that most men have a very myopic view of orgasm and are only familiar with a very cock-centric spasm of the genitals that ends in sleep or drudgery, the task of expanding current views on multiple orgasm is no small feat.

The greatest challenge and misconception around multiple orgasm is seeking and expecting an old familiar sensation when the experiences that are trying to emerge go way beyond the normal garden-variety ejaculatory orgasm. Since there is no previous frame of reference for these experiences, we are left to stumble around wondering if what we just felt was the REAL thing or not. The other challenge is that most men don’t have the patience to cultivate this ability.

To experience the palette of new orgasmic ‘flavors’, we need time along with sensitivity training to develop new pleasure pathways within our brain in order to achieve extended, mind blowing, non-ejaculatory orgasm. Classical Eastern sex culture came up with dozens of different types of orgasm in order to help recognize these different ‘flavors’.

Some of these include: orgasm of the brain, orgasm of the senses, orgasm of the organs, and orgasm of the bones, just to name a few. We’ve now thrown all these (and more) into one basket that we now call ‘full body orgasm’. In truth, what happens is a stretching or expansion of the orgasmic experience.

As much as it penetrates deeply into the body, it is also overflows and hyper-saturates our senses like a tower of champagne glasses being filled from the top with a good bottle of Dom Pérignon.

The 3 Crucial Factors of Multiple Orgasms

There are three crucial factors that form the experience of being Multi-Orgasmic. These are time, space and intensity. Let’s first look at Time and the Magic 20 : There is a magic number that sits around 20 mins. When reaching this during lovemaking, creates a critical mass of pleasure—a hormonal saturation that changes the way in which we experience pleasure. This gives rise to a feeling of timelessness . Like a Dali painting, clocks start to melt as we enter Multi- Orgasmic states. Like a deep meditation that lasts an hour even though it only felt like 10 minutes, time goes out the window.

So don’t expect to be Multi-Orgasmic while grabbing a quickie in your lunch break.

Space: What is close may seem far away, what is far may seem close. Our strong attachment to personal space and physical boundaries starts to soften and blur. At some point, you may be unsure whether the source of pleasure you are feeling is originating within your body or within hers.

At some point, you may also start to experience your lover’s thoughts as your own and hear her say things that you are thinking.

Intensity: Within men and women exists a polarity between certain ‘energetic forces’ that determines the intensity experienced during the sexual act. This is often described as the dance of bio-electricity and bio- magnetism or contractive and expansive forces which are hanging in dynamic tension —when sustained for long enough will give rise to a new sort of energy and experience.

If strong sexual polarity can be maintained for a certain period of time during sex—without collapsing in on itself (think ‘the Magic 20’)—great changes occurs within our endocrine system, also corresponding with changes to our perception and sensorial experience. These changes can be experienced directly in the moment, while other times indirectly after making love, lasting days or even weeks.

These states are highly indicative of our journey towards Multiple Orgasm and experiencing any of them signals that you are well on your way. In short, what was once mundane, mediocre, and short-lived becomes an experience that is enduring, expansive, and transcendent.

The After Effects of Multiple Orgasms

The Multi-Orgasmic experience can be rich, deeply nourishing and satiating. It’s a five-star banquet, as opposed to drive through take-away – once you get a taste, it’s hard to go back. If we can cycle through a number of orgasmic peaks, eventually our thirst becomes fully quenched, relieving the need to desperately resolve our ejaculatory urge.

At the same time, if we eventually do choose to ejaculate, we can do so freely without any sense of depletion, emptiness, post-coital depression or irritation. We’ve all heard of the term afterglow . Being Multi-Orgasmic brings on an afterglow on steroids that effects everyone lucky enough to be standing close to you.

Your skin, your hair, your joints, your tendons and bones will all feel thoroughly rejuvenated, like they’ve had an internal spa. Your mind, heart, and emotions will feel creative and expansive without any angst or frustration, and peaceful without feeling dull or mindless. There is a lot more to say about what it looks and feels like to be multi-orgasmic and we will go into great detail later in the course, but for now there are only three things you need to know:

That it exists , that it is a good thing , and that you can have it.





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