Do Pumps Work?


A condition that effects many men at various ages. It can be a condition that prevents men from having an happiness or having stamina that does not last. When this occurs, most men will search for a cure or at least something that is helpful in reducing the effects of ed. The answer may be a a pump.

A pump consists of a cylinder that is placed  and sucks air out. The vacuuming draws extra blood into the shaft. The shaft is then clamped with a ring that prevents the blood from leaving the penis and returning to your body. The effect of the pump lasts only as long as you leave the ring in place. Tissue damage can result if you use the ring for longer than twenty to thirty minutes.

Reports vary as to the length of time the result of a pump will last. There are those that proclaim it is a lasting effect of growth in length and girth as long as you keep using the pump. It is said that pumping will increase length by one to two inches and girth by one to three. Growth will depend on the number of times you use the device, the size of the cylinder, your physiology and how long you pump. Results will vary from man to man.

The growth will not be immediately permanent. The initial use of the pump will reward you with a temporary but immediate growth. Repeating the process will increase the amount of the growth and will eventually lengthen the time the growth lasts. The process is similar to muscle growth, although the penis is not a muscle. With regular use, the growth may be maintained. If you stop using it, the growth will diminish over time. Once used, it must continue to be used in order to maintain the effects of growth.

In order to decrease the time that results may appear you must use the device daily for thirty minutes to one hour. It must be done daily. The sessions should consist of periods of no longer than fifteen minutes with a period of release time between the fifteen minute pumping intervals.

As men age their penis loses elasticity much the same as the rest of the body. With the loss of elasticity in the body, erections will also diminish with age. The penis pump can help to maintain elasticity by stretching the tissue of the penis. Use of the pump must be regular and consistent. There is no demographic as to the types of men that use the pump. Men of all socio-economic backgrounds, young, old, different lifestyles often need the use of the pump. For the most part, pumping is a part of their healthy lifestyle that includes proper nutrition and regular exercise.

While using a pump may appeal to you, there are some precautions that must be considered. If you have had enlargement surgery, you need to consult your physician before using the pump. Pressure must be applied slowly and stopped at the first sign of discomfort. If you have a penile implant, you cannot use the pump. If you have a blood clotting disorder, you should not use the pump. Men with hemophilia or on certain medications will cause you to have complications with its use.

The federal drug administration has approved the penis pump as the leading treatment for any impotence.

If your penis is pierced and you are wearing jewelry, you can use the pump. There are precautions. You need to start at a lower pressure. Three inches of mercury on the gauge is recommended. Use all of your common sense and your comfort to guide the adjustment of the pressure. In the event of discomfort in or near the piercing, you need to stop and reevaluate your approach to suction pressure.

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