X4 Labs Review

Men, who are concerned about their size, may not have heard about the X4 Labs Extender. Considered one of life’s little embarrassments, men seldom compare length and girth in locker rooms. Even if one or two males stumble upon a male enhancement that works, they hardly ever sing its praises.

So, how should a guy solve his dilemma, if nobody’s talking? Do you relate? If so, sounds like you are a good candidate for the X4 Labs extender!

What is the Extender and how does it Work?

Male enhancement extenders work on a cellular level via traction therapy. These devices promote penis growth by making microscopic tears in the male’s corpus cavernosum or spongy parts of the penis that expand by filling with blood during an erection. The body’s healing mechanism kicks-in and produces new skin cells. Then the process repeats so that over time penis size will increase.

In a 2011 surgical study of non-invasive penile enhancers, Italian researchers discovered traction-based extenders were the most successful. Over 70 of the participants used extenders. Six of them had minor occurrences of pain, bruising and itching. Study participants, ages 24-56, were monitored for 3-16 months. Flaccid lengths were bolstered from 0.2″- 1″.

Why are X4 Labs Extenders Better?

They have developed a unique “Comfort Strap Technology” that ensures the user can wear the device for extended periods, such as during sleep time or underneath clothing while on the job. The traction device doesn’t provide instant gratification but must be used for about six months to obtain desired results. Therefore, comfort is crucial. The standard rubber tubing is also included for users who prefer that support method. It is normal to experience a slight irritation caused by stretching, but it will disappear in a few days. According to X4 Labs promise, their male enhancers have the capability to enlarge girth and length 35%. Scientific studies support this assertion. Learn more at male-enhancement-report.com

Note: An exclusive Mini X4 was developed to benefit males measuring less than 4″.

What Do I Get with the Quad Support System?

You may notice that you can add the Quad Support System to any package by selecting a simple option at checkout. This option allows you to upgrade any penis extender model to the Quad Support System (4-in-1), increasing the efficacy of your penis extender.

By upgrading to the Quad Support System you will receive the following parts and products:

  • 1 Quad Support System Support (4-in-1)
  • 2 Additional Silicone Comfort Straps
  • 2 Additional Silicone Tubes
  • 2 Additional Comfort Strap Memory Foam Pads
  • 2 Additional Silicone Tube Memory Foam Pads

By adding these parts to your order, you will be given the ability to use four points of fixation and enhance your overall results. The X4 Labs Pens Extender Quad Support System is also great for smaller men as it accommodates sizes of 4 inches flaccid and under.

The Success Factor

Credit for successful attainment of the extender’s promise, for the most part, belongs to the unique comfort strap. Males can comfortably wear the device underneath clothing, allowing the penis stretcher to do its magic for an extended period of time. Extension bars extend the length of the device to accommodate penis growth. Slight visual evidence will occur in about 4-6 weeks. However, users have reported success in a short two weeks. This is outside the norm.

The Bonus

Freebies include a penis exercise guide and male enhancement supplements. Spare parts are shipped with each order. In the event, a part breaks, the user is not without the device while waiting for replacements. The Gold Premium package comes with: the extender, a leather case, extension rods and comfort pads. Aids including DVDs that foster better sex, free membership website with penis exercises and instructional CD are also included in Gold kits.


X4 Labs boldly stands behind the product with a 6-month Penis Growth Guarantee and lifetime warranty. The X4 penis stretcher is approved by the FDA and CE certified. Clinical trials have found the Comfort Strap-Hybrid Extender System permanently increased size and girth. Learn more at http://astrobiosociety.org


By improving blood flow to the penis, this device improves performance and stamina. The X4 Labs extender is a top-quality, non-invasive alternative to expensive surgeries.

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