Nude Alpha Pheromone Review

Nude Alpha Pheromone Review

When looking for a pheromone-based product, perhaps it is best to put Nude Alpha at the top of your shopping list. The first advantage that Nude Alpha has over many other pheromone-based products is that it contains more than one pheromone. It also has a very high level of androstenone compared to other similar products.

It does not contain any alcohol among its ingredients and can be used with any other perfume, spray or cologne without reducing its power and functionality. Nude Alpha serves two primary functions – first of all, it raises the social status of the person who is wearing it. Secondly, it acts as a very strong magnet in attracting women.


Originally, the products that came from the Nude line of production were in three different categories. Each of these was powerful to its own extent. However, due to financial constraints, it was next to impossible for people to have all three of them at the same time. One would either have to buy one, two at the most but never all three at the same time.

As a result, the guys at Nude received hundreds of thousands of requests from customers asking them to come up with a product that contained all the three ingredients at the same time. This is how Nude Alpha was born. However, one ingredient, androstadienone, cannot be added to the mixture without the guys at Nude getting on the wrong side of the law. As a result, you will have to purchase androstadienone separately.

One thing should be stated here, though. It is not compulsory for you to buy the androstadienone. Nude Alpha works just fine without it. However, for those who want to add a little more kick and push to the Nude Alpha, then androstadienone will do the trick.

The best people to use Nude Alpha are people who produce less than average amounts of testosterone. People of any race and age can use Nude Alpha and experience the same positive results. There are some pheromone-based products that have to be used specifically at a certain time.

For some, you have to use them after wearing your cologne, for others, you must use them before wearing the cologne. This is not the case with Nude Alpha. With Nude Alpha, you can use it before, after and, if you are that psyched up about it, in the process of wearing your cologne! Learn more at


Nude Alpha is an unscented pheromone-based product. This means that it does not contain any scents as those that are added in other similar products. Nude Alpha contains a high concentration of pheromones and is bound to work on just about any lady. The main problem, however, is that not everybody can smell pheromones. There are people whose noses lack the ability to smell pheromones that have been used in small amounts. However, these people are more of the exception than the norm. Many women can smell pheromones in their natural form.

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