Straightening a Curved Penis With a Penis Extender

SizeGenetics Penis Extender

If you suffer from a curved penis don’t feel self-conscious or alone. Many men have this problem no matter their age or fitness. Curvatures can occur at any age because of accidental damage. For most men with this condition, it occurs naturally even starting in pre-puberty. Because it is so common doctors rarely treat men with curved penises.

What are curved penises?

Described as ‘the presence of one or more fibrous plaques/scars along the shaft of your penis (usually on the upper or lower side),’ curvature can range between 10° – 45° (for some men the curvature is so severe their penis is described as a J).

The scar tissue can develop naturally because of vigorous use or injury. The fibrous plaques can develop because of Peyronie’s disease. Treating curved penises can range from surgery which always leads to a shorter erect penis, to drugs which have been shown to have no greater effect than placebos, or to penis traction devices.

What can be done?

So far the safest method which has shown positive results is the use of a penis extender. There have been several credible studies worldwide that have used advances in technology to treat penile curvatures and even Peyronie’s.

Almost every penis extender touts the benefits of not only penis enlargement but also treating and straightening penile curvatures. The best-designed device is the SizeGenetics penis traction device.

Wendy Hurn, the Urology Specialist Practitioner at Bristol Royal Infirmary wrote a research paper entitled “Treatment of Penile Retraction in Evolutive Peyronie’s Disease with External Penis-Stretching” in which she concludes that “SizeGenetics is a real alternative to surgery for correcting penile curvature.”

Her study was based on 22 men aged 18 – 78 years who suffered from Peyronies.

She divided the subjects into two groups: one whose stretched penis was less than 12.5 centimeters in length and the other group whose length was greater than 12.5 centimeters. Both groups were instructed in wearing the SizeGenetics penis extender. They had to wear the device for at least 5 hours per day for 3 months. At the end of the study, Hurn found a reduction of penis curvature of up to 20%. She also saw gains in length from 0.8 – 2.3 centimeters.

Her final opinion was: “Our data shows that penis-stretching is effective in Peyronie’s disease treatment, especially at the stage of severe penile retraction.”
She is not alone in her views on the efficacy of penile extenders.

There has been a study published in the International Journal of Impotence Research entitled: “Can An External Penis Stretcher Reduce Peyronie’s Penile Curvature” and another study by Paolo Gontero entitled “Use of Penile Extender Device in the Treatment of Penile Curvature as a Result of Peyronie’s Disease.” They both noted the lasting reduction in penis curvatures. Learn more at

How does the penis extender work?

Modern medicine, specifical orthopedics, has long used traction to aid in the safe stretching and lengthening of ligaments, muscles, and nerves.
The penis extender SizeGentics penis traction device also uses this method to safely stretch all of the cells in the various structures of the penis. As the cells are stretched many of them tear and naturally replicate to fill in the new spaces created. Much in the same way an athlete’s muscles gain size and strength.

Its 16-way comfort design along with their use of Medical Type 1 materials allows the user to wear the device in complete comfort without any pain or possible damage to the penis. Learn more at

Treatment for Penis curvature

Invest in a high-quality penis traction device that has been tested. Numerous studies have proven that you can have a significant reduction in penis curvature as well as the added benefit of penis enlargement.

Because you will need to wear the penis extender for hours daily over several months, you should make certain that the device you get has been tested and is designed for comfort and long-term safety. What are you waiting for a straighter, longer penis is just a few months away.

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