MaleEdge Pro vs SizeGenetics

Male Edge

The two leading penis extenders right now are MaleEdge followed by Size Genetics. At first glance, these two top penis extenders may seem like equals. However, when you break down their features, you can see why MaleEdge is still the leading penis extender on the market.

How they work

In this department, both MaleEdge and Size Genetics are equal. They use a scientifically-proven method of causing cytokinesis (new growth through cell division). Both penis extenders even use the same amounts of tension (between 900-1500 grams) to make sure you are safely enlarging your penis. With either MaleEdge or Size Genetics, you can expect approximately 30% increases in length and 20% increases in girth.

Safety and Reputation

Both MaleEdge and Size Genetics are certified as Class 1 Medical devices and have the CE mark. They have been clinically tested for efficacy and safety. Both also have good reputations amongst customers. However, MaleEdge does have a longer track record than Size Genetics. MaleEdge is made by DanaMedic – the company which made the first medical penis extender in 1994. DanaMedic extenders have been used by well over 500 thousand men throughout the world.


When choosing a penis extender, comfort should be one of your top concerns. You will have to wear the device for many hours per day so it must be comfortable if you expect fast gains. Both MaleEdge and Size Genetics now feature the newer comfort strap system of attaching the penis to the extension device. However, do note that the “basic” Size Genetics still uses the old, uncomfortable method in which a silicon noose attaches the penis to the device.

This can cut into the glans and be very painful. If you want the comfort strap with Size Genetics, then you must pay an extra $150 for it! We think this is way too much and the comfort strap should be included on all penis extenders!


Male Edge does not come with any special extras other than what you need to get a bigger penis. On the other hand, the advanced Size Genetics package does come with several extras like a sex tips DVD, cleaning wipes for your extender, and “traction plus” powder to keep your penis from slipping.

While it may seem like Size Genetics is the better deal because of the extras, these extras are really just cheap items thrown in to make you pay a higher price. The “traction plus” powder is really just talc which can be bought for a few dollars in any drug store. The device cleaning wipes are just baby wipes.

Note that you have to buy the Size Genetics package with all the “extras” if you want the comfort strap, extra rods for adjusting the device size, and the guarantee. Male Edge does not try to trick you with so-called extras. You pay one price which gets you everything you need to comfortably enlarge your penis – and it is guaranteed regardless of which device you buy according to


Male Edge has three different packages which range in price from $179 to $219. The only difference between the packages is that some include extra comfort straps and different sized foam pads for going around the penis. All of the MaleEdge penis extenders are the same quality, come with a double money-back guarantee, and access to support through email and a forum.

Size Genetics also has three different packages. The most basic includes just the extender and costs $190. Keep in mind that this package is not backed by a guarantee and uses the painful noose system. The next package costs $337 and includes the comfort strap and a leather case – but it is not backed by the guarantee. Only the Ultimate package which costs $375 is backed by the guarantee. It also includes extras like access to the PenisHealth website.

The Bottom Line

In every aspect, Male Edge wins over Size Genetics. Even though both of these penis extenders are effective when it comes to getting results, Male Edge has a better reputation and gives you much more value for your money. It doesn’t try to trick you with a confusing guarantee and cheap extras. Rather, you get exactly what you pay for and a promised to see results or get double your money back. That is why Male Edge is still the #1 penis extender on the market.

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