Jes Extender: Everything You Need to Know

Jes Extender

In this article, I review Jes Extender.

How It Works

Jes ExtenderJes Extender uses a clinically proven method of cytokinesis to make your penis get larger, both in length and in girth. The way that these method works are very similar to lifting weight for growing muscles. Obviously, your penis doesn’t have bones or connective tissues so it cannot lift weights by itself. That is where Jes Extender comes in to give your penis a daily workout for size enhancement.

When you lift weights, you are actually making tiny tears in your muscle tissue. Your body responds to the tears by forcing muscle cells to replicate. The new cells fill in all of the small tears. Over time, your penis will get both wider and longer.

Even though Jes Extender is sometimes called a “penis stretcher”, this term is actually very misleading. While it does work by stretching your penis forward, the size growth does not occur from the stretching. If this were the case, you would end up with an elongated but thinner penis. We know that width is just as (if not more) important than length so this would be very counterproductive. Rather, penis stretching is like a workout for your penis.

As the Jes Extender pulls your penis forward, it makes small tears in your penis tissue. As with weightlifting, these tears get filled in with new cell growth. The more you wear Jes Extender, the more growth you will experience.

It is important to realize that there are limits to penis extension with any device. Think of the weight lifting analogy: you wouldn’t start lifting the heaviest barbells on day one, right? In this same way, you wouldn’t want to start stretching your penis on the maximum tension. Rather, it is important to use a gradual tension when you start penis extension. As you continue through the program, you can increase the tension

Adjustable Tension

Jes Extender allows you to adjust the tension from 900 to 1200 grams. During clinical trials with Jes Extender, these were the pressures which were most effective and still ensure safe penis extension.

All quality penis extenders should be precisely calibrated for tension. If a penis extender doesn’t list its tension or allow you to adjust the tension on the device, then you should avoid it completely: it is not a medical grade extender and could cause your penis harm. Penis extension should never be painful or uncomfortable.

Maximum Gains from Penis Extenders

While extending your penis, it is also important for you to avoid harmful saturated fats and foods high in preservatives or chemical additives. These harmful elements in food can damage cells and slow down the process of cell division. Note that, even if you have a very unhealthy diet, you will still be able to get gains from Jes Extender. However, your gains will be slower than if you were to be healthy.

It isn’t always easy to watch out for our health – even for the sake of our favorite body part! An easy way to keep cells healthy while using Jes Extender is to take supplements. Certain supplements will ensure that your penis is getting enough oxygenated blood and nutrients. Always go the natural route with supplements because these are less likely to interfere with your body and cause harmful side effects.

Circulation boosters are very useful when enlarging penis size. Spicy foods like chili peppers and horseradish are very good at increasing circulation to the penis. Foods which boost nitric oxide levels (a natural chemical that expands penis blood vessels) are also great penis supplements. Pomegranate is a good choice because it boosts nitric oxide and also contains antioxidants to protect your cells from damage according to


Jes Extenders allow users the opportunity to not only wear it in the comfort of their own home but out in public as well, ensuring progress is always being made in gaining length. Beneath loose-fitting pants, it is virtually undetectable, and this is fantastic to those extremely dedicated to making sure penis size is being affected constantly.


When you live a healthy lifestyle and take supplements while extending your penis with Jes Extender, you can expect faster, better results. Just as importantly, a healthy lifestyle and supplements can improve your overall male sexual health. You will not only see your penis getting bigger, but your erections will be harder and you will have more stamina to be a fantastic lover! Learn more at

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