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SizeGenetics Penis Extender

If you’re curious about penis enlargement, you’ll no doubt have heard about the somewhat weird and wonderful-sounding penis extenders.

Congratulations – you’ve hit upon the most effective means of increasing penis size currently available. And the only method which has been designed developed and clinically tested by the medical profession. 97.5% of users can expect to make average gains of 29% after 24 weeks using a good penis traction device. And that’s without drugs, surgery, or doctors’ appointments! If you’ve been desperate to add vital inches to your dick, but have been wary of scam artists, you’ve now got a real alternative.

What Are Penis Extenders & How Do They Work?

Penis traction borrows an idea which from the medical community’s perspective. It has been in development for over 30 years. The basic principle is that when stress is applied to a specific body part over a sustained period of time, that region will gradually grow new cells. And that includes tissue cells, and in doing so, will expand in size and volume. In order to achieve best results, penis traction devices are worn for an average 6 hours each day over for 6 months.

Yes, But Do Penis Extenders Actually Produce Results?

Short answer – yes!

Penis traction is the only non-surgical technique which has any hard clinical evidence to back it up. It’s for this reason that those doctors who actually take penis enlargement seriously endorse it. They are increasingly taking note of traction in preference to the other non-surgical techniques available. While phalloplasty is the exclusive method of doctors, all sorts of non-medical people are cashing in on the other enlargement techniques. This includes patches, pills, and exercise.

Unfortunately, few of the companies providing “alternative” treatments have bothered to back up their claims with proper scientific evidence. In contrast, penis extenders have been repeatedly subjected to clinical trials. This was done in an effort to test their effectiveness in altering penis size.

If you opt to use penis traction to increase the size of your penis, you’ve got the triple re-assurance provided by a product which has been developed from within the medical community, and stacked up a respectable reputation provable through trials with users, and in most cases, comes with a full money-back guarantee if you’re unable to achieve results.

It’s easy to rave about this treatment, but it’s important to remember that penis traction doesn’t work overnight, nor does it work if your device sits in its box! You need to put in several hours every day for months, and be prepared to endure a little discomfort in the first week or so. Do this and it will work for you. Learn more about how they work at

Does It Matter Which Penis Traction Device I Use?

Despite all appearances to the contrary, there are in fact only two devices currently being sold on the internet. The different companies may all sling mud at each other, but the fact is they’re selling either the JES Extender by Danamedic or the Andro-Penis by AndroMedical. These two devices are virtually identical in design and function; they both provide traction or stretch, they both create stress, they both cause cellular breakdown and re-construction…and they can prove it.

Both devices have gone through rigorous clinical trials, and both have the backing of the medical community. In the end, your choice will come down to which “package” you want, pricing and payment options, and possibly, if you’re looking to avoid heavy customs taxes, which country the product ships from. Learn more at


SizeGeneticsAlso known as Andro-Penis, this device has an impeccable medical pedigree. Pioneered by Spanish doctors with research projects having been carried out in Spain and Italy, the device is classified as a Type 1 Medical Device and has CE Health Certification in Europe. It is widely used by physicians for the treatment of both curvature and small penis size.

Pros: Marketed on both sides of the Atlantic (means everyone avoids paying customs duty), SizeGenetics is available both as a standalone device and as part of a “holistic” package featuring pills and an exercise program which will give you a noticeable boost in size and sexual performance within days. Very generous money back guarantee allows you to trial the device for up to 1 year. This is the most popular penis extender. Read SizeGenetics review.

X4 Extender Starter Edition

Picking a product/package that’s right for you should be primarily decided on how comfortable it is and how safe it is too.

Pros: Let’s be honest, you want something that will be enjoyable to wear, that won’t damage your penis and have negative effects and that will actually work, where you can see the results almost immediately. Immediate results motivate the user to continue using the product for greater benefit. The longer the enhancer is worn for the greater the results, it’s a direct link between the two. Whichever way you chose to increase the size of the penis, with whichever products, the time invested is utterly important.

X4 Labs provides the results instantly in increasing the size. As mentioned before, the product needs to be comfortable and ok for wearing, otherwise, it’s very likely that you won’t be using it, and the money’s gone down the drain. Read X4 Labs review.

Andro-Penis from AndroMedical

AndropenisOne of the two original enlargement devices, like the JES-Extender, Andro-Penis is marketed under a variety of names.

As mentioned above, it is classified as a Type 1 Medical Device and has CE Health Certification in Europe. Furthermore, it has the backing of a wide variety of physicians and surgeons.

Pros: As the original makers, AndroMedical is able to supply specialized versions of the Andro-Penis device in addition to the original model, including Mini Andro-Penis, which is for use with penises of less than 4″ (10cm), and Andro-Penis Gold, which is gold-plated for users with an allergy to nickel.

Cons: Money back guarantee: only 40% of the cost after 2 months if no growth.

It’s usually cheaper to buy from one of the companies marketing the device under another name (e.g SizeGenetics, FastSize). Shipped from Europe (so US customers watch out for customs duty).

JES Extender

Jes ExtenderThe JES Extender is made by Danamedic of Copenhagen, Denmark. This was the first penis traction device available commercially. It has the kudos of being certified by the Danish Ministry of Health and has the European CE Mark (a safety mark).

It is used by physicians in 29 countries, including 60 public hospitals and private clinics in Spain. Many of the devices commonly available are in fact the Danamedic product being sold under a different name (including ProExtender below).

The JES penis Extender is available only as a single device.

Pros: Comes in a range of packaging/presentation options. Flexible finance plans are available, so this is a great choice if you need to spread your payments.



ProExtender SystemThis is, in fact, the Danamedic product (original name – JES Extender). Marketed by a U.S company, the ProExtender builds on the success of Danamedic. They offer the device as part of an overall “system”. Included is the use of pills and an enlargement exercise regime.

Pros: Choice of presentation cases, availability as part of a system. Generous money back guarantees up to 6 months to experiment with the device.

Cons: ProExtender has no user forum, so if you want support from other traction users, you’ll need to track down a forum elsewhere.

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