My Favorite Sexual Trick

relaxHere’s one I came up with and that I’ve ALWAYS had a positive response to, PLUS you can do it more often than most sexual tricks as it varies as much as you want it to every time you use it.

After extensive foreplay (of course!) and when it’s time to get inside her, do this:

Ask her how bad she wants it etc. etc. while having just the tip of your dick inside her. Then tell her that she’s gonna have to count out loud to 10 and on 10, she’ll finally have you ALL the way inside her. She’ll start counting and with each count you’ll very slightly move your tip as if you were gonna thrust all the way in, but go VERY shallow. With each count she’ll breath heavier and start counting a bit louder, like she’s getting ready to bungie jump of a platform or something (you have to hear it, it’s awesome).

Now the fun part 😉

She’s expecting you to thrust really deep on 10 and so is her body. The key here is teasing and unpredictability. What I do is on 10, I stick with the really shallow thrusting and tell her that she’s gonna have to start counting all over again because the sight of her amazing (insert her best feature here) distracted me and I forgot to go all the way in. Even if she seems frustrated by this, her and her body LOVE it, plus there’s a hidden “at the right time” compliment in there.

She starts counting again, but this time you’re gonna surprise her. When she hits 7,8 or 9, ram in her all the way really hard and really fast. The sound she makes at this point varies from woman to woman, but it’s ALWAYS an intense one. From here you can give her just one deep thrust, you could have done it slowly instead of fast, you can jackhammer her for a much quicker orgasm for her. It all varies according to you and that’s why it’s so fun.

The next time you use the trick (and you can use it more often that most tricks), she’ll totally be guessing what “number” she’ll get it at. This incredible amount of unpredictability is definitely one of the things women love in bed. You’ll always be the guy who did that THING to her with the counting that she loved so much.

Here’s another one …

If there’s one thing i love doing, it’s going down on a girl.  I don’t know why, but that just does it for me.

One of the techniques I’ve come across involves the isolation of the clitoris.  Now u obviously can’t use this one straight away because it would just be ridiculous for the girl.  You HAVE to wait until she’s worked up and her head is in the right place, because if there’s one thing i know it’s this: if the head isn’t there, it doesn’t matter WHAT you do, the body WILL NOT follow.

So once things are moving along: anticipation, arousal, and atmosphere (the essential 3 A’s of course), work your way down the body with your mouth, kissing all the way as you go.  Start at the lips (on her mouth u dirty bastards !), then move down the neck (girls love it when u kiss\suck on their neck, it’s a really sensitive area).  Kiss down the neck to each breast.  Pay a little bit of attention to each nipple, but not too much…just enough to get a reaction, then move down.  Kiss down her stomach, then into her groin, but do NOT go near the special area just yet.  Kiss up and down both of her legs, and behind her knee’s (a la mystery method point about the elbows and knees: gross bit on the outside of the joints; super sensitive parts inside the joints).  As u reach her inner thighs, getting closer and closer to her vagina, she should start reacting….TAKE YOUR TIME.  there’s nothing wrong with making her wait a little longer here, just as long as your still making it feel good around her thighs.  Finally, when u reach her groin, REALLY apply some pressure with u mouth….push up against it…this should drive her crazy, and at this point she should be trying to stick your face in her clit   hehehehehe.

Now this is the part where the technique comes into play.  Go down on the girl.  Lick up and down all of the good parts (outer lips, inner lips, clitoris, shaft of clitoris etc.).  Then, when things are feeling really nice for her, reveal the clitoris by pushing back the fold of skin where the inner lips join.  Place one index finger either side of the clitoris and apply a little bit of pressure: like your trying to trap it between both index fingers.  This traps the blood in the clitoris and makes it more responsive to touch.  When you’ve done that, start licking the fucker like CRAZY, and do not STOP until your face is DRENCHED !!!!

The only thing is, you’ll have to hold on, because, i shit you not, I’ve had girls almost jump through walls when I’ve done this to them.  Just remember: it WILL NOT work if she’s not in the mood, because the clitoris will be too sensitive, and she won’t gain the pleasure out of this technique that it is supposed to supply her with. Anyhow, that’s my two cents, I hope I’ve helped you guys out a little bit.

Feel free to use it, but don’t tell everyone! Have fun!




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