Match your breathing to hers


When you’re face-to-face, body together, gradually match your breathing to hers.  Focus on the moment, the breathing, the beating hearts and soon you can take over and lead the breathing and she’ll match hers to yours.  It makes for an intimate bonding experience.  Devastatingly effective during or after an intense moment.

On the whole body, non-ejaculatory orgasms, read David Deidra’s The Way of the Superior Man.  In chapter 44 titled “Ejaculation Should Be Converted or Consciously Chose” he writes:

“When a man has no control over his ejaculation, he cannot meet his woman sexually or emotionally.  She knows she can deplete him, weaken him, empty him of life force.  She has won.  When a man ejaculates easily, he creates ongoing distrust in his woman.  At a subtle level, she feels he cannot be trusted.  She, and the world, can deplete and depolarize him easily.”

“One part of your woman is happy she made you come.  She is happy you are relaxed and enjoying yourself.  Another part of her is disappointed that you’ve allowed yourself to choose a temporary and pleasurable spasm over the endless ravishment of her and the world.”

“A superior man may choose to ejaculate occasionally.  But such a choice is made freely, before even engaging in sex, not after it is too late, at the last uncontrollable moment before the physiological roller coaster starts heading down the deep dive into screaming release.”

“The bottom line is this:  If ejaculation is not completely a matter of conscious choice for you, your woman knows she controls you sexually.  And as long as she knows she’s in charge, she won’t trust you enough to relax fully in the force of your loving.  She will always keep her heart somewhat protected.”

“For most men, ejaculation involves spewing their energy and semen out through their genitals.  Afterwards, they feel they have released stress.  The superior man’s orgasm more often explodes up his spine and into his brain, from there raining down through his body like an ambrosial bliss of rejuvenation.  The technique for converting depletive orgasm into rejuvenate orgasms involves contracting the pelvic floor near the genitals (kegels) and drawing energy upward along the spine (microcosmic orbit), through the use of breath, feeling and intention.”

Mantak Chia’s book Multi-Orgasmic Male is great for learning the mechanics of the microcosmic orbit.

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