How To Make Your Wife Bisexual

Secret And Silence Beautiful Young Blond Woman With Finger to Her Lips

After you fuck her good one night tell her that you have a new game for you 2 to play… You’ll tell her tomorrow all about it. MAKE HER WAIT TILL THE NEXT DAY!

Next day: The game is you each with write out 2x a week sexy stories about what you want to happen, fantasy and reality, in your sex life. Write and print the tales and put them into envelopes and you 2 swap- 2x a week and read each others.

DUH! Yours (among w/ many more) will be a detailed play by play perfect seduction version of your wife’s 1st time w/ another HB (HB coworker maybe). Make it awesome for her in the tale you tell!

HB’s biggest sex organ is THEIR MINDS!! You are making an IRL Romance Novel custom for her- one you 2 can live!! Her body is the servant of her desires and thoughts- one that she uses to live it out. Get her mind and you have her pussy to command.

At the same time you get to be shocked at how nasty she is. Her inner wild sex fantasies will be shared to you- take note and use them! Though it can be a kick to see what she REALLY wants sexually at times (I do this w/ my girls and I get awed at times still….)

Polarity Responder (PR). The PR is easy… Just make things a challenge they ‘can’t’ do. Then they will do it- as they act in that way.:lol:

It would be soooo naughty if…

How wrong would it be for you to seek and give pleasure from another lady… Do you really think you could please another woman?

Some say its do naughty to try…

You set it up that she must over come the “taboo” to get what she wants- that puts the PR at ease b/c they are doing the opposite of what is “right” yet they like doing the opposite and that drives them to get pleasure as the pay off. So win (pleasure) and win (PR mechanism how they like to be) for her.

A pattern I use is the “new learning one”:

(You can make your own here is the theme) <convo style, trance, age regress to teen years> Yeah… Being young means so much to get to play with and really get your hands on learning. In all the curious ways that come open and come again alive for you. Many chances to do it.  Sex is the best though! Of all, the sex is so raw as it is so new. New ways to fell it and to gain new sensations- all in you by your lessons you work up to better thrills with! All the things to explore and try… You get better and better each time. Some think its too wrong- but you yearn to try it and see it and do it and show the others otherwise…To have to learn it again- new with a new type of person- becomes a rush… The second time its your 1st new way – that way of better added lustful release from the old limits as you learn to fuck more and better as you 1st did you do again. You get to take all you are good with and taste and feel and be felt anew with ever more options…”So bad and wicked” others say but its a thrill to get to have pleasure more and more in a new way with the fresh chance to get greater joy in a way others just shut off from themselves- You take that lust and work it like you got to your first time now, as your body wanted to guide you to do- the next 1st time to add higher forms of joy- such a wicked action to have more sex and great feelings that most people say are wrong to seek and most people cannot know and cannot learn to do and you get even more from… As you do you get and what you get you thrill with in a original way that you did not see be4… You get more sex and more joy now you gain more then you did your second first time….

I’m not being to type the whole thing (too long a post here as it is) but the goal is to regress her in trace to where she learn to fuck guys (good and awkward) and have her get excited about learning to fuck GIRLS now. She must learn new stuff after all and it can be a thrilling ride doing so.

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